Hannah’s Birthday 2007


My life’s third book begins at the second book’s end.
It’s last three chapters encompass a transplant journey with our daughter Hannah:

waiting for transplant at home
waiting for transplant in transplant housing
the transplant journey that lasted forty-four days

The third book begins where the last leg of our daughter’s lifelong marathon with cystic fibrosis ends. Her brother, her father, and I miss her terribly.

We are four amputated to three.

2 responses to “Hannah’s Birthday 2007

  1. Hi Tracy,
    It’s been a lot of years, around 11, since I’ve seen you guys, and a few years since I learned of Hannah’s passing. I saw her obituary on the Orlando Sentinel’s website, though I wasn’t even looking for it. I have no idea how I came across it, but it was quite a shock. When we were hanging out at 18 years old with Joe, Tara, Mary, Eric, JP and others, something like this didn’t seem possible. I just found this website today, and I wanted to send my belated condolences, and let you know of yet another person who was touched by Hannah’s sweet spirit and moved by her unwavering commitment to Jesus. Pastor Pratt’s steadfast dedication to preaching God’s Word, and working with you on the play we performed are all vivid memories I think about often. When I left in the summer of 2001, I cut all ties to everyone, for reasons that I now regret. I wish I had stayed in touch, wish I had gone on the rafting trip in Tennessee, wish I had loved you guys better. My year in Orlando was incredible, and I’m glad to say I was blessed to be Hannah’s friend.
    I have a few pictures of Hannah on my computer. I think I had one of the first digital cameras ever made because they’re really low quality, but I’d be happy to send them to you.

    –John Dickson

    • John, So good to hear from you. I am sure it was bittersweet to come across Hannah’s obituary in 2007. Your words are evidence of God’s continuous Presence with you. In the goodness of God, you can look back on your year in Orlando and say it was an incredible year. I would love to have the pictures of Hannah. You can send them to hannahprattlegacy@gmail.com. Thank you so much for writing.

      It is never to late to express loss and discover God’s unfading beauty in the ash.



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