Playing to Heaven’s Ear

On October 12, 2006 Christy, a friend from Hannah’s church in Orlando, Florida was strolling through the National Gallery in Washington DC. Her eye was caught by an oil painting on canvas  “St. Cecilia and the Angel”, painted in the fifteenth century by Orazio Gentileschi and Giovanni Lanfranco. She could not believe it; the girl in the painting looked like Hannah. She went to the gallery gift shop and described the painting to a dubious clerk. He referred her to a more knowledgeable man. He immediately led Christy to the print you see before you. She bougth a mailer to send it the next day to Hannah, who was in the hospital after transplant. It was never mailed; the next day she received word Hannah died. Now this gift is a treasured witness of God’s grace to all who listened when Hannah made music on the piano. 

               “St. Cecilia and the Angel”  fifteenth century oil on canvas                          National Gallery of Art Washington DC


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